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The Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace

Have you ever interviewed for a job position only to be turned down because they “decided to go another way”? On paper, it appears that you have met all of the credentials and technically, you’re everything the company could be looking for in an employee and more!
So what’s the problem?
Here’s another scenario:
You’ve been working in your current job position for enough time where you have earned a respectable name for yourself. ...

Why Were You Fired Job Interview Question

Have you been fired from your job? Don't know what to say about it in an interview? What's the best way to respond to the inevitable question of why you were fired?
Being asked about why you were terminated is among the most challenging interview questions to answer. ...

Decoding The Job Search: How To Beat The ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Recently I had the pleasure of giving a Ted-like talk at the Digiday Career Fair. I decided to focus on sharing employer secrets that many job seekers are not totally aware of. I thought about the types of questions that many people in the midst of a job search often ask me. ...

MBA Students: Choose Your First Marketing Job Wisely

“What internship (or full-time) offer should I take?” “What’s the right first step now that I’m finishing up my MBA?”
The life of an MBA student is demanding. Managing the classwork and interviewing process today is much harder than when I was an MBA student. ...

What To Do When You've Lied on Your Resume

You've lied on your resume, or stretched the truth a little or a lot, and now you're worried. Can you get caught? What happens if an employer finds out that your resume or job application isn't accurate? What do you now?
Lying on your resume is a bad idea for many reasons, not the least of which is that you’re likely to get caught. ...

7 End-of-Summer Survival Tips for Work-from-Home Moms

Summer can be complicated if you work from home. Day camp, swim lessons and school reading assignments may have now run their course, and the kids may be spending more hang time around the house—aka your office. Here, our experts weigh in with smart practices to help make the final weeks of the season work for you. ...

Work-life “balance” is a myth. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

Ironically, the frantic pursuit of a full life can leave us feeling stretched thin and unfulfilled.

If you’re striving for work-life balance, you’ll never get it, argues Stewart Friedman, a noted author and adviser to global leaders who inspires “rock star adoration” among his students at Wharton. ...

Using tech to boost workplace productivity

Workplace productivity is declining and has been for the last few years.
During the first quarter of 2018, output per hour worked fell by 0.5%, according to data published by the Office for National Statistics.
Productivity is the backbone of all businesses, without it; there would be no product to sell. ...

Pets in the Office: What's the Best Policy?

Office pets might strike some controversy, but if there's a decent policy in place that accommodates both ends of the argument, you should be able to avoid issues.
Working with animals is a dream for some, and you don't have to be a zookeeper or vet to do so. ...

21 Ways You Can Earn The Respect Of Others

You want to be respected, but you’re not sure how this whole thing works. The key here is to stop focusing on you, and start thinking about others. How can you help others? How can you inspire change, growth, and innovation? When you think about the people you respect deeply, what do they do differently from the average person? While you’re thinking about that, here are some of my own tips:
1. ...