5-step manager onboarding program from the ‘bartender’ (wine not included)

by Lauren Stead

As you know, one of the worst mistakes a company can make when promoting someone is getting a technically savvy person in a management position who has absolutely no leadership skills … or training to support them. ...

How To Get A Great MBA Internship

The MBA summer internship is a major part of the business school experience, and getting the right one is important. Good internships are extremely competitive, and the struggling economy has made it harder than ever.
We spoke to a number of second year MBA students and recent graduates who have recently gone through this process and compiled some of the best advice they had on finding and landing the best internship opportunities possible. ...

Mindset and match: recruiting millennials is about more than speed

Mindset and match: recruiting millennials is about more than speed
By Tim Drake
Speeding up recruitment processes may appease applicants, but it won’t get to the heart of why some employers are failing to attract millennials. ...

UConn’s startup interns build CT’s STEM-talent pipeline

Earlier this month, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs looked on as UConn undergraduate and graduate-level students presented what they accomplished as summer interns working at the school's incubator companies in Farmington and Storrs.
Hailing from more than a dozen majors — and some already with STEM-related work experience under their belts — the students' projects were equally diverse, ranging from the creation of marketing plans for software and beauty products to the study of protein-coated inserts to treat degenerative eye diseases and the industrial implications of what happens inside a termite's digestive tract. ...