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Stumped in a Job Interview? Here’s What to Do

How to respond to a question that catches you off guard.
Interviewing is stressful and nerve-wracking for most. Sometimes, you have all the right answers. Other times, the process can reduce a normally confident professional into a sweating, rambling, seemingly inexperienced newbie in their field. ...
Mar 28

U.S. Employers Expect to Hire More Foreign Workers Despite Possible Immigration Restrictions

A majority of U.S. companies plan on hiring foreign nationals in 2017 despite signs from President Donald Trump's administration that it intends to make it more difficult to hire from abroad.
A national survey of 442 HR professionals and hiring managers was conducted by Harris Poll in late 2016, and commissioned by Envoy, an immigration services provider based in Chicago. ...
Mar 22

Why Women Should Challenge Men’s Ridiculous Ideas at Work

Having spent decades in tech, I have numerous memories of being the only woman in the room. To be taken seriously, I had to possess a lot of confidence and be certain of myself—particularly as I rose up the leadership chain. Being confident may sound simple, but actually it's not. ...
Mar 13

Meet The Millennial Woman Taking Her Dream To The Skies

Millennials are the most diverse generation in history. According to the Brookings Institute, millennials represent 27% of minorities nationwide and 43% of primary working age minorities.
Since diversity is woven into the fabric of the generation, it is a priority in choosing a workplace. ...
Mar 9

Top 10 CV buzzwords – and how to avoid them

Everyone describes themselves as ‘passionate, enthusiastic and specialised’ on their CV – here’s how to convey the same thing without being cliched
Take a look at your CV. Do you describe yourself as creative? Strategic? Experienced? If so, you’re not alone, but you may want to consider a rewrite. ...
Feb 28

How to Stay Calm in the Job Stress Storm

You might remember the Jet Blue flight attendant who melted down a few years back after a passenger wouldn’t apologize when his luggage came down on the attendant's noggin. The attendant went on the intercom shouting obscenities, grabbed a couple beers, and slid down the emergency escape chute. ...
Feb 23

6 Characteristics of an Innovative Leader

At a pitch to the leaders of the merchandising department at a Fortune 500 company, I closed my presentation by asking the leader of the team, “What are you trying to solve for?” She didn’t know how to answer that. Neither did the other leaders on her team, because only those who’ve lived their personal brands openly and genuinely and understand their value propositions have taken the steps to break free from their leadership identity crises. ...
Feb 17

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

Striving to increase workplace diversity is not an empty slogan — it is a good business decision. A 2015 McKinsey report on 366 public companies found that those in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity in management were 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry mean, and those in the top quartile for gender diversity were 15% more likely to have returns above the industry mean. ...
Feb 6

How Your Personality Could Help You Find a Job (or Keep You Unemployed)

Know yourself, then apply for jobs accordingly.
It’s difficult to find a job if you don’t know what you want to do. Sounds obvious? Have you really focused on your skills and accomplishments and whether they help qualify you for the jobs you seek? One pet peeve of recruiters and hiring managers is that job seekers often apply for positions ill-suited to their requirements. ...
Jan 31

Impact of Bonuses on Employee Motivation

Conventional wisdom states that one of the best ways to motivate employees is by paying generous bonuses. The media constantly highlights the huge bonuses paid to CEOs and other top executives. Organizations spend millions of dollars every year on bonuses. ...
Jan 25